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Sponsor Allstar Dance!


If you are reading this, you probably know one of our amazing Allstar dancers. You probably also know that competitive youth activities are not cheap. For Dimensions Allstars, the cost is over $5k/year for each dancer.

This is where you come in. Click the button below to become an Allstar Sponsor and help local dancers afford competitive dance. There is a simple form to fill out and some options to donate funds to a specific dancer, specific team, or the entire program. We are a for-profit business, so your donation is not considered a charitable contribution. However, 100% of the funds will go directly toward the tuition, competition, and costume fees on the accounts you designate in your donation. We do not take a mark-up.

We do offer advertising space here on our website as a way to thank you for your generosity. If you’re a business, this may be considered a tax write-off, so be sure to speak to a tax professional.


$500 = Diamond Sponsor Listing

Display Ad: photo of you and/or your business, company name and logo, website with link from us to you, contact info, and a marketing message.

$200 = Platinum Sponsor Listing

Profile Ad: company name and logo, website with link from us to you and contact info.

$100 = Gold Sponsor Listing

Standard Ad: company name, website with link from us to you, and phone number.

$50 = Silver Sponsor Listing

Basic Ad: company name and phone number.

Become an Allstar sponsor